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New CD by Richard C. AllenCompact Disc - Jazz Piano Solo by Richard C. Allen, original compositions

8 original solo piano Jazz pieces composed and played by Richard C Allen

“I have always been intrigued with using odd, seldom-used time signatures. I also have an enduring interest in mixing European classical tradition with African-American jazz. This confluence of genres and styles has been a major influence on the compositions presented here.”

  1. arrival, entrance, 5:22
  2. the high priests on thin ice, 3:08
  3. The Last Supper, also called Passover meal, Seder, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, 3:66
  4. Gethsemane, 3:15
  5. torture and crucifixion, 3:49
  6. loss, grief, despair, fear, shame, 7:36
  7. first light of the new week, 4:52
  8. ”I am with you always” Matthew 28:20, 5:57

Album Art (Final Version)

Richard C Allen - 8 Original Jazz Solo Piano Pieces

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Richard Allen
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New Piano Jazz CD available

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